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The iPad: How It Improves Healthcare

The launch of Apple’s iPad was barely two years ago, but the medical industry’s progressive nature means they are at the forefront of recognising its full potential.

Nick Volosin, Director of Technical Services at Kaweah Delta Health District in California, USA, pre-ordered three iPads to test the device on the hospital’s network. Now, the hospital owns 76 iPads, on top of 70 staff-owned ones used to access medical and administrative applications. The new iPads are loaded with programs that monitor patients’ conditions and various imaging test results. A less expensive gadget than the touchscreen tablets previously used by the hospital.

In the Northern Territory, the grassroots health service has also welcomed the device to facilitate medical work. Their use of the iPads is quite simple, but extremely effective. Health workers from the Katherine West Health Board take the tablet device with them in lieu of stacks of patients’ paper files when doing their rounds in remote areas. The iPad is connected via mobile internet to a health database in Sydney, which means the clinicians have the patients’ information at their fingertips and can easily add new data during consultations. This avoids double-documenting of new data (from paper to the digital database), which saves time. More importantly, it ensures an up-to-date and reliable database, which will enable health workers to plan and implement effective medical programs.

In Japan, doctors from Sakura-Shinmachi Urban Clinic in Tokyo bring their iPhones and iPads with them when they perform house calls. The Japanese doctors store their patients’ information on the iPad and use the device’s large screen to display moving images, aiding them in explaining procedures and illnesses.

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