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Frontier Women


The last few days have been exciting with the project starting to become a reality as our first group of wonderful volunteer women visited the Melbourne studio for training. One new baby has arrived and there is a great deal of enthusiasm about the possibilities that could be realised for millions of Australian families with this new technology.

Thank you to our frontier women who are generously volunteering for this first pilot project.

Cath Sharples, Lauren Clarke, Emma MacCulloch, Laura Loricco, Sarah Bailey

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Wise owl, young owl


The team is continuing to work through the challenge of the camera angle.  RMIT’s industrial design team have taken a second pass at making a bracket that slides on with a mirror reflector.  This approach worked better than the first pass, in that it was light weight and captured the footage however the team were worried that sliding the bracket off and on over the prism lens may scratch it.  Mum’s in the trial need to be able to remove the bracket to get their wifi connections set-up at home.

Tony Kerr has joined the project team to help support solving hardware related challenges.  With a distinguished international aeronautic engineering career and an RMIT graduate he is a very wise owl welcomed by the young owls in the project team.

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Lift off to trial

It’s been a busy week for the project team getting everything working and tested for the first group of five pioneering women involved in the trial.

Melbourne the project team of Maddy, Kim and Lucy have been working closely with the San Francisco’s team of Ethan and Elloise to fine tune the content that is to be displayed in Glass. They have to test the equipment and develop the support and training materials.

The plan is to run the trial in small groups of five women to progressively iterate and improve the approach.

The first volunteer counselors from the Australian Breastfeeding Association, Jess Leonard and Lynn Ng visited the Melbourne studio to be trained this week and are excited by the possibilities of the project.


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The next step

iPad Portal

Gathering content

The breastfeeding #throughglass team together with the dedicated team at the Australian Breastfeeding Association have been busy curating content and resources into an online learning portal.  

The learning portal is the engine that drives all the content in the program. It will display information that can be viewed on tablets and Google Glass.


The team have also been working through the rostering logistics for ABA’s counselors to take live video calls.  The existing protocols have been reviewed as counselors will now need to be in a private area to view the live video feed.   A small group of counselors will receive special training in the new technology.


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Meet your breastfeeding #throughglass team


Elloise Foster – Media & Communications
Lucy Colman – Content & research
Madeline Sands – Project leader
Kim Jensen – Interaction designer
Andrew Hibberd – Film & motion graphics director
Engineer – Ethan Fan

During the last ten days Elloise (San Francisco based), Lucy, Maddy, Kim and Andrew have worked through the responses for volunteers in the trial and collated the feedback on women’s experiences.

The team have been heartened by the responses and encouragement for the project from all over the world.


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