love project couple

Background on the Love Project

Long distance relationships carry a stigma of being very challenging and they are. The average time before a long distance relationship dissolves is 4.5 months*. Luckily, they are getting easier with the widespread use of the Internet and easier access to travel. Along with modern technologies such as Facetime, Instagram, and texting it is easier to stay connected to your loved ones.

Today, many families and couples are spread out across the US due to employment, education, lifestyle, and family. There is an estimated 14 million couples that define themselves as being in a long distance relationship.

Many people have long distance relationships over years, even a lifetime, however for others a long distance relationship can be the beginning of the end.

With divorce rates of 53% and people under increasing stress to manage fast paced lives, we wondered how these new technologies could help strengthen relationships and enhance the euphoric feelings of love.

Can technologies be used to enhance love when people are physically separated for lengths of time?

*According to Dr. Guldner at The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships