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Skunk Works

At Small World Social we have a unique culture of innovation. We attribute this to two things – our international team and our team structure.

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Our Plan

Over the next few months, this project will follow the lives of three couples and a family who have long distance relationships, exploring their feelings of love and seeing if these emotions can be enhanced by technology. Together we will attempt to capture, measure and visualize love, sharing our experiences each step of the way. This project aims … Continue reading Our Plan

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Background on the Love Project

Long distance relationships carry a stigma of being very challenging and they are. The average time before a long distance relationship dissolves is 4.5 months*. Luckily, they are getting easier with the widespread use of the Internet and easier access to travel. Along with modern technologies such as Facetime, Instagram, and texting it is easier … Continue reading Background on the Love Project

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Women in Tech

Our company of 15 employees is predominantly made up of women, a whopping 75% are women, including the CEO and the Chief Strategist

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