Through Google Glass

Reaching Australia Far and Wide with the ABA Counselors

There have been 14 volunteer counselors from across Australia involved in providing counseling to the mums in the trial. We thought it would make an interesting post to show the geographic spread and distances between counselors and the mothers they are supporting. Through technology the counselors no matter where they are physically located have been … Continue reading Reaching Australia Far and Wide with the ABA Counselors Read more

Thinking Ahead

Trial learnings that have unfolded in the first two weeks: The Breastfeeding Support Program’s G+ Community. One of Kim Jensen’s (UX Designer) instructional videos. A very active community has developed on Google+ to support all the women in the trial (both mothers and counsellors).  We started out using this to support the group with technical … Continue reading Thinking Ahead

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BSP Media Response

March 2014 As The Breastfeeding Support Project comes to an end, it continues to gain support from around the world. Guardian journalist Zoe Corbyn has written about the practicalities of Glass in consumer settings, and the important role Glass can play in health care, especially focusing on the Breastfeeding Support Program. You can read the … Continue reading BSP Media Response

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The next step for the learning portal

Small World Social’s Breastfeeding Support Program online learning portal. Gathering content The breastfeeding #throughglass team together with the dedicated team at the Australian Breastfeeding Association have been busy curating content and resources into an online learning portal.   The learning portal is the engine that drives all the content in the program. It will display information … Continue reading The next step for the learning portal

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Frontier Women

Laura Loricco, Breastfeeding Support Trial mother’s training session at Small World Social’s Melbourne studio The last few days have been exciting as the trial began, and our first group of volunteer women visited the Melbourne studio for training. One new baby has arrived, and there is a great deal of enthusiasm about the possibilities that … Continue reading Frontier Women

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