Being an innovator and leader in its field, Genentech makes a wide range of educational resources available to its staff.  However, the organization had a challenge: with over 10,000 staff who were time poor, had rigorous schedules, different learning styles and learning goals, professional training was difficult to implement, time consuming and disruptive. 

Small World Social created an educational app, which combated these obstacles in its key functionalities.  Combining learning styles, using text, video, interactive content and in-person training the app was designed to provide accessibility to all employees. The app is mobile and tablet friendly and has offline capabilities, so it can be used regardless of WIFI or location.

To combat the difficulties of varied schedules and timetables, we allowed users to create their own learning timelines, to plan courses when it suited them using the calendar tool, which seamlessly integrates into their Google calendar. By allowing users to manage their own learning, our app could measure and deliver realistic data to training managers.