By unifying processes, tools, and systems, your staff can spend less time finding what they need and more time doing what is important. Streamlining a organizations infrastructure has shown to recover two hours a day in productivity per person just by removing common barriers.


Our cloud-based knowledge management system is beautifully designed to keep all your important resources in one place; you can quickly search or filter your content to find what you need, no switching between apps and outdated systems. Manage and upload your own content or use our dozens of API’s to connect with your current systems.

“Having all of our systems integrated into one makes conducting seminars and training a breeze. After our events, I am even able to collect feedback within the app.” Training Coordinator, Chris Ingle

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Organizing companywide events just got easier. Link’s event planning/scheduling tool has shown to improve level of preparedness, engagement, and follow-through of participates. All of the administrative tasks are taken care of so you can focus on your people.

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Learning and knowledge gathering is important for everyone to be the best contributor they can be, but finding the time for continual development is difficult. With Link, we have taken the stress out of time management with our two-way, seamless calendar integration.

“As a coach, Link enables me to practice what I preach. I am able to find time between meetings to focus on myself, getting the most out of my time.”

Productivity Coach, Sam Brandon

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device synchronization


Link’s experience synchronization is simple – when you read or watch a piece of content or do a course on one device, your other devices will instinctively know where you left off. Whatever you do on one device is reflected everywhere. Everything is in sync so you never missing a beat.

“I am able to jump from reading an article on my phone to my laptop, never

missing a beat.” Director of Product, Joel Goyette