mum with google glasses

Our Journey – A Breastfeeding Support Project Documentary

The world first breastfeeding support trial using Small World Social’s learning portal app and Google Glass is coming to a close and we have five very special women to thank: Cath, Laura, Sarah, Emma and Lauren.

These women have demonstrated tremendous courage to help other women sharing their most personal experience of motherhood with millions of people around the world, in the hope of helping others in their breastfeeding journey.

It takes a lot of courage to be at the forefront of a community and even more courage to be at the forefront of a country, less alone the entire world. 

Being a parent is full of moments of being afraid that require courage, our frontier women have shown tremendous courage. To respond to a public call for volunteers, for a trial using a new unknown technology, for something so personal – took a lot of courage. 

To be photographed, interviewed and filmed sharing their breastfeeding experiences with the world, also takes incredible courage. 

In Australia each year, we have 300,000 babies born who could benefit from your courageous efforts in participating in this world first trial.

We want to thank you and dedicate this film of the project to Cath, Laura, Sarah, Emma and Lauren.