love project couples

Our Plan for The Love Project

Over the next few months, this project will follow the lives of three couples and a family who have long distance relationships, exploring their feelings of love and seeing if these emotions can be enhanced by technology. Together we will attempt to capture, measure and visualize love, sharing our experiences each step of the way.

This project aims to explore if through using brainwave technologies, we are able to enhance our experiences of love.

If this is possible, how can this complex emotion be measured and understood by computers so that it is helpful to people, enhancing their feelings of love, when they are separated by distance?

Through using these new wearable devices that are placed on the head and through builtin sensors they measure and capture brainwave activity. This activity can then be translated into experiences that can be shared between the couple or family. Even though people are separated by distance they can still be on the exact same wavelength experiencing love.