puzzlebox bloom1

Puzzlebox’s Bloom

When we embarked on this journey, we reached out to our friends and specialists in the brain sensing field to discuss the idea of measuring and visualizing love. 

One of people that we consulted was our friend, Steve Castellotti of Puzzlebox. We have done work with him in the past and greatly value his opinion as he is on the pulse of what is happening in the space and leading the charge with his innovative products.

His latest innovation is the Bloom, pictured below. The Bloom is a flower that changes colors and opens/closes depending on an individual’s brainwaves. The flower is activated when a person who is wearing a brain sensing headset reduces the volatility for their brainwaves through concentration exercises or meditation. The headset measures the person’s brainwaves and once the user has reached that brainwave “sweet spot” the flower will open and change colors.