skunk works team

Skunk Works

At Small World Social we have a unique culture of innovation. We attribute this to two things – our international team and our team structure.

Our international team combines diverse thinking with a shared passion of technology. The diversity of backgrounds, personal and professional interests, and experiences creates a new perspective on old problems. Small World Social’s staff is divided into small, cross-disciplinary groups of 5 or 6 people that work together on a project. This allows for us to iterate quickly and each person has an input into the stages of development. On most projects we have a creative person (film, design, animation) along with the content writers, engineers, and researchers all working side-by-side. This approach is akin to skunk works teams established by Lockheed during WWII. This team structure allows up to iterate quickly and make incredible leaps in innovation. Having a structure of this sort allows us to move faster and push the boundaries of what is possible. This outside the box thinking it what enabled us to develop our unique technology!

Watch our video to get insight into Small World Social and how we’ve succeeded with such a unique team structure.