Madeline Sands

The Future of Text Messaging

Do you prefer to text your friends or call them? How many texts do you send a day versus calls?

On average, a person will send between 8 and 65 texts and will receive between 7 to 59 texts each day.

In most cases it is easier to pick up the phone and call your buddy, but most people resort to texting. Texting is seen as a faster, easier, and often, more direct way of communicating.

People are taking notice of the prevalence and preference for texting, especially app developers. Today, we have to switch between apps to check the time of the movie, how long it will take us to get there, and then report our findings back to our friends. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could do all of those things within one app?

We need to start considering the opportunities that messaging can have on a person’s user experience. There is great potential for integrating messaging, smart messaging that is, into how people consume, share and search using their mobile devices.

We at Small World Social have always been focused on how to make our app experience better for our users. We think one of the most powerful and important ways of doing so is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to intuitively know what our users what and when they want it.

Check out our video on the importance of smart messaging.