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Update: The future of the Project…

After the success of the Australian-based trial, Small World Social and the Australian Breastfeeding Association have established a working party to scope out plans for a national trial of the platform during 2014. 

The project team remains committed to working across a variety of disciplines to support women and have been collaborating and forming networks with:

  • RMIT University, Industrial Design, Dr. Scott Mason
  • The University of Newcastle (UoN), Nutrition & Dietetics – Professor Clare Collins
  • Queensland University of Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Danielle Gallegos, Associate Professor
  • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Dr. Julie Green
  • University of Sheffield, School of Health & Related Research, Dr. Clare Relton Senior Research Fellow (Public Health)

Innovation is always a challenge and the project team greatly appreciates the support of these thought leaders.

In the USA, the Small World team is developing Back To Business, a broader support program for professional women, of which breastfeeding will form a part. 

Awards and recognition: 

The project has continued to gain support and recognition from around the world with two recent awards for design and innovation:

  • Questar Awards, NY – Gold in the category ‘Emerging Media: Apps’
  • Questar Awards, NY – Winner of ‘Best in Show: Emerging Media’

The project team continues to bring the newest technology innovation from Silicon Valley to the project, with the team working through new approaches and ideas for mobile phone one-on-one coaching. 

Our delightful high-tech six month olds are continuing to do well and provide hours of joy to their families. The trial group mums have continued to support our important mission and generously shared their daily lives with families in the USA.