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Women in Tech

Our company of 15 employees is predominantly made up of women, a whopping 75% are women, including the CEO and the Chief Strategist. In the USA, less than 3% of  technology companies are owned by women, in Australia it’s an even smaller number; we are a rarity. We have a lot of visitors to our studios because along with the latest technology in the world we also have the coolest ladies! Seeing the world through female eyes influences the types of problems we tackle and the way we try to solve them. One example of this is our work with breastfeeding. As women, we know how frustrating and difficult breastfeeding can be. Whether a woman is a first time mother or she has multiple children, breastfeeding isn’t easy. From our personal experiences as mothers and from our field research, we found that many woman struggle with breastfeeding but there are very few resources for help with such an important task. We teamed together with the Australian Breastfeeding Association to create a technology platform and service that integrated Google Glass to support woman throughout their breastfeeding journey. Without the womanly perspective that we bring to business and strategy, we feel strongly that the outcome of our The Breastfeeding Support  project would have very different. Here are a few of the ladies Small World Social:


Kathy Phelan, Founder & CEO Kathy specializes in discovering and applying new technologies in enterprises to improve productivity and effectiveness by using cloud technologies, wearable and mobile devices. With a background PhD research in health public policy and holding a portfolio of international technology patents, Kathy is passionate about using new technologies to understand and explain complex concepts particularly in health, science and medicine.


Jillian Sands, Head of Client Services Jill uses new technology and content experiences as tools to explain complex topics. A key strength is her pragmatism in selecting technology and creating content approaches that align with organizational objectives. With a unique ability to translate high-level strategy into engaging and practical content, Jill develops award-winning narratives that have impact and drive results.


Mariya Navoka, Project Manager

An art photographer and project manager, Mariya delivers organization with a creative flair. She has a natural ability to anticipate problems before they arise, and a genuine desire to help and motivate people. Mariya coordinates the research, design and development process, culminating in our final product. With a background in New Zealand television production and a Major in Production from South Seas Film & TV School, Mariya only recently crossed shores to Melbourne. She is quite the foodie and often keeps the office energized with afternoon treats.

Watch this quick video to learn more about the women of Small World Social.