With Link, we recognize that no two people are alike. Each experience is customized to suit their learning styles, needs, and job role, providing a personalized experience every time.


It is widely recognized that each person has a preference to a particular learning style or technique. Link incorporates 5 styles of learning to appeal to all audiences.   Each person can choose which type of learning experience suits them best whether it is online courses, videos, articles, live training, or 3rd party resources, there is something for everyone.

multimedia resources
sharing with colleagues


It has been proven that people learn better in group environments and with shared experiences.   With Link’s social tools, shared experiences can happen more frequently and more easily with the sharing of content and resources with colleagues, increasing team collaboration and improving communication.


Link is available in multiple forms including a web browser and an iPad app.

The app makes it easy for people to access their content and resources regardless of location. Offline capabilities allow for learning to become apart of everyone’s daily routine.


All activity and user data is protected with single sign-on and TLS encryption, so you never have to worry about your data being vulnerable we’ve got you covered.

link security protocol




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