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Products Following Trends

Today, societal trends dictate everything from fashion to technology and are constantly changing. Historically, something would become a ‘trend’ following promotion by an influential person or a particular product or service was used in an innovative and exciting way.

With social media as the most prevalent method of communication and sharing, trends are born, and conversely die, at an alarming rate. But recently, a few trends have stuck around and businesses are taking notice.

One example of this is the Hövding, an airbag for cyclists. In this case, the trend was cycling. It has been said that “cycling is the new golf” with the number of recreational and road bikers taking off. In San Francisco between 2006 and 2011, the number of cyclists increased by 60% and the number has grown exponentially since then. Given this uptick in cyclists around the country and world, Hövding recognized a developing trend as well as an opportunity in the market. It is a very interesting concept and innovative product.

Another great example of products following trends is the new HTC phone or more commonly known as the selfie phone. With selfies, or the action of taking photos of oneself, being mentioned in popular songs and TV shows, HTC was smart to recognize a trend that has changed the way people use their smartphones. The HTC Selfie phone has made taking selfies easier by using voice to activate the camera and video camera.

Watch this quick video on how trends influence product design.