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Sharing is Caring!

Opening an office in San Francisco has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. This city is booming with creative people from designers, engineers and artist, providing inspiration at every corner. As a company we feel that we have met our tribe, everyone is like us – intense, creative, driven and highly focused.

We have found a community of like minds, to collaborate with – on big ideas and the problems facing the world. We have meet some pretty incredible people that are open to sharing ideas and help us grow and develop. We have a tradition of visiting local technology companies or have innovators visit our office space every other week. Socializing with people in our field allows us to understand the business and the space from a different angle and learn about the challenges that other companies face. As a team, we debrief each visit to discuss what we learned and many times we end up implementing new processes or tactics that we’ve learned from others.

Hear about some of our adventures from Maddy!