• Enhance product knowledge of customers, staff and industry experts.
  • Understand and use online platforms and technology.
  • Help people navigate systems or processes.
  • Cater to all languages and literacy levels.
  • Eliminate communication barriers by delivering your message verbally, written and kinesthetically.

Our cloud-based platform makes complex products,
technologies and processes easy to understand and use.

  • Product

  • Technology

  • Systems

Help people understand and use your products

Our video narrator guides your staff, industry experts and customers through product key features and best practice use. It’s a fun and easy way to build product knowledge. The training platform will connect audiences building first hand knowledge and experience.

Engagement and participation is measured and reported ensuing you reach the right people, at the right time no matter where in the field they may be located.

  • Introduce new products and deepen product knowledge.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with explanations and correct product uses.
  • Refine your staff’s sales techniques and improve customer care.
  • Create a learning environment that is not constrained by time or location.
  • Utilize gaming and interactive experiences to motivate learning.

New Balance – Good Form Runing

Case study

Tailoring content to suit all learning styles

Rewards and incentives.

Personalized programs building on knowledge gaps.

Use down time effectively with mobile tools.

Understand and use online platforms and technology

Provide guided digital training experiences for hands on learning.

Confidently experience and explore new technology with step-by-step assistance.

  • Explore new technology while being guided and supported.
  • Experience new features with practical demonstrations.
  • Engage all learning types through a combination of video, graphics and interactive content.
  • Customized, self-paced modules customized to suit varying skills.


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Personal Guide

Step by step assistance creates a real-life learning environment.

Reduce support costs and provide consistent information and guidance.

Guide people through complex administrative systems and tasks

Assist customers to complete forms or processes in a personalized and friendly way.

  • Improve accuracy in data collection using online forms and processes.
  • Provide personalized customer service 24/7.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with explanations and processes.

Credit Cards

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Engage audiences and change behaviors

People across all languages and literacy levels can understand and complete complex processes online.

Effectively communicate your message to auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners eliminating communication barriers.