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The Team behind the Breastfeeding Support Project. (L-R) Elloise Foster, Lucy Colman, Madeline Sands, Kim Jensen, Andrew Hibberd.

Melbourne technology start-up, Small World Social has collaborated with the Australian Breastfeeding Association to create a Breastfeeding App that uses Google Glass.

The app uses step-by-step visual tutorials to coach new mothers as they learn to breastfeed and enables them to video call health professionals who can see and advise them on their health concerns in real time.

The success of the trial also shows the future possibilities of healthcare for people in regional or remote areas.

The Project concluded with all mothers and newborns breastfeeding confidently at the conclusion of the 8-week trial.  Counsellors were located as far as Perth, Adelaide and Queensland and still could provide personalised advice to the Victorian mothers.

As the program has been successful, the ABA and SWS are exploring ways to scale the application Australia-wide in 2014, as well as incorporate ways Google Glass can be used for other health issues

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Media Spokesperson and Project Leader

As Leader of the Breastfeeding Support Project, Madeline Sands is an integral part of Small World Social’s innovation team. She is reflective of her millennial generation – well travelled, highly educated and rapidly changing the world through technology. Known as an engaging presenter and keen problem solver, Sands has led workshops and innovation teams around the world. She has a skill for combating today’s problems with tomorrow’s technologies, and at the heart of her work is a desire to change the world. After extensive experience in the fields of mathematics and augmented reality, Sands saw Google Glass as the perfect tool to assist an age old, yet surprisingly difficult health issue- Breastfeeding. Sands has had a hands-on role throughout the project, meeting mothers and counsellors, overseeing design and information strategy and speaking to the media about the project.  |  (usa) +1 (415) 361 2682

Madeline Sands
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Breastfeeding Support Program

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