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BSP Media Response

March 2014

Google Glass - Wearable tech, but would you wear  it?
The Project was featured in Guardian article about Glass.
Google glass app helps moms breastfeed
Popular Motherhood blog, I Am Not The Babysitter, featured the Project.

As The Breastfeeding Support Project comes to an end, it continues to gain support from around the world.

Guardian journalist Zoe Corbyn has written about the practicalities of Glass in consumer settings, and the important role Glass can play in health care, especially focusing on the Breastfeeding Support Program. You can read the article here

Popular motherhood blog, I Am Not The Babysitter, has also written about the Project as an exciting new frontier for motherhood, healthcare and removing social stigma around Breastfeeding. You can read the article here.

January 2014

Breastfeeding mother get help from google glass and small world
Breastfeeding Support Project featured in Edition of the Age (Jan 14)

To celebrate the launch of the Breastfeeding Support Project, Small World Social was featured in the Victorian Fairfax publication The Sunday Age in mid-January 2014. Small World Social could not have anticipated the positive response we received from the public about our technology.

Women from Australia and all over the world contacted SWS via social media and email to express their gratitude. Frequently we heard stories about struggling to learn, and the emotional fatigue women experienced when things didn’t work.

We received hundreds of applications to participate in the trial, and feedback from mothers (with children of all ages) with advice they received during breastfeeding, the struggles they went through and all the information they wish they’d known, but didn’t have access to. 

This initial response pushed our project into the minds of maternal health experts all over the world, and is leading the way in technology for maternal healthcare. Small World Social is proud to work with the Australian Breastfeeding Association, RMIT University and our trial participants on this world first technology.

Positive feedback from support on Twitter.

Positive feedback from support on Twitter.