Small World began when we created a technology solution to a problem we were coming up against every day—how to find just what we need, right when we need it.

Are we able to enhance our experiences of love by using brain sensing headsets?

Advancements in technology are enabling us to map emotional experiences in the human brain and discover the source of feelings like love, joy and fear.

Brain sensing headsets, can now to some extent, capture and show experiences of love. They are easy to use and affordable providing new possibilities for the future

Long Distance Relationships

Today millions of people are distant from loved ones because of work and other circumstances. Many families and couples live apart for long periods of time which causes stress and pressure on relationships.

Call for Participants

Join our project to be a part of the future of brain sensing.

Our aim is to follow the lives of couples who are in long distance relationships; exploring their feelings of love and seeing if brain sensing headsets are helpful in getting them on the same wave length.

Together we will attempt to capture and visualize love, sharing the experiences along the way.

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The Project Team

The Team

Small World Social is interested in exploring brain sensing technologies in unconventional ways. Our last project involved helping new mothers learn to breastfeed using Google Glass.

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