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Lauren Clarke

Emma   |   Lauren   |   Sarah   |   Laura   |   Cath   “I have chosen to be part of the trial because working in the field I see first-hand the significant benefits that research can bring in progressing healthcare.” Lauren Clarke Hello! My name is Lauren Clarke and I am a first time mum due on February 24th … Continue reading Lauren Clarke

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Laura Loricco

Emma   |   Lauren   |   Sarah   |   Laura   |   Cath   “I know this trial will not only benefit me enormously, but will also pave the way for other mothers in the future.” Laura Loricco My name is Laura Loricco and I am a first time mum. I was due on the 5th March, but the beautiful … Continue reading Laura Loricco

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Sarah-Jane Bailey

Emma   |   Lauren   |   Sarah   |   Laura   |   Cath   “I heard about this trial through a friend and thought it sounded really interesting and like something that could be really beneficial for women like me who had struggled with breastfeeding.” Sarah-Jane Bailey Hello! My name is Sarah-Jane, I’m 25 years old and have just … Continue reading Sarah-Jane Bailey

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Thank you, EGO

EGO Pharmaceuticals has served Australian families for over 60 years. Creating innovative treatments for common skin problems, EGO's commitment to their customers is unparalleled.  To celebrate the end of the Breastfeeding trial, EGO generously helped us reward our participant mothers with complementary Skincare packs for them and their babies. Read more

Trial Observations: First two weeks

Community Support: The Breastfeeding Support Program’s G+ Community. An active community has developed on Google+ to support all trial participants (both mothers and counsellors).  We started out using this to support the group with technical Q&As. Yet it has quickly grown into a very active community of support and sharing amongst all the participants. Breastfeeding … Continue reading Trial Observations: First two weeks

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Baby Births

As of the 6th of March 2014, all 5 trial mothers have delivered their newborn babies. Each mother experienced a natural birth without complication, and all babies are healthy and doing well. The Project team are preparing to travel to each of the women during their first week at home to provide them with the … Continue reading Baby Births

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