Novartis Launches First U.S. ‘Biosimilar’ Drug at 15% Discount

Novartis Launches First U.S. ‘Biosimilar’ Drug at 15% Discount


US Healthcare Reform biolinkNovartis’ Zarxio is the biosimilar of Amgen’s biologic, Neuopgen. It is expected the due to the fact that Zarxio will be sold at cheaper price, it will increase access to treatment. 

Amgen had tried to stop Zarxio from reaching the market many times, but with no avail. 


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According to a Reuters article, “The arrival of biosimilars threatens companies heavily reliant on biotech drugs, such as Amgen, AbbVie and Roche, and Citigroup analysts have predicted a transfer of at least $110 billion of value from innovator companies to copycat producers in the next decade.”

This case with Zarxio sets the precedent for all other biosimilars that want to enter the US.

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