Study Finds Neupogen Biosimilar Safe for Breast Cancer Patients

A filgrastim biosimilar has shown comparable safety and efficacy to its reference drug in phase 3 clinical trials on breast cancer patients.


A new study published in the journal Annals of Oncology has shown the biosimilar filgrastim, EP2006 is similar to the reference product, Neupogen, with no clinically meaningful differences in efficacy or safety for the prevention of severe neutropenia in breast cancer patients receiving (neo)adjuvant myelosuppressive chemotherapy.


Cancer Therapy Advisor reports that in conducting the phase 3 trial, “researchers enrolled 218 patients with breast cancer. Participants were randomly assigned to receive 1:1:1:1 non-alternating biosimilar or reference filgrastim or alternating treatments during each cycle of biosimilar or reference filgrastim. Patients received 5 µg/kg/day of filgrastim or its biosimilar over six chemotherapy cycles”.


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