Productive Office Design

 Slideshare 8 tips to make your office a productive place

Have you ever walked into an office and felt the energy drain right out of you? We all have. Some of us have probably even worked in an office like that. We can all agree that the type of office we work in has a direct effect on our productivity. That’s why it’s important for employers to create the right office environment.

A lot of evidence shows that our physical environment has an impact on our creativity, motivation, and productivity. Research shows that employee productivity decreases when they are surrounded by grey, white, or beige. Blues and greens are great alternatives.   

Trendy tech offices emphasize open floor plans and causal space, but don’t assume that those same designs will work for your company. Understanding your company culture is key to creating the right office design environment. If people often work in teams, make sure there is space beyond a stuffy conference room for them to work.  Check out the slideshare above for more tips on productive office design.

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