Why it’s time to Disrupt Productivity


It’s time to disrupt productivity. Tiago Forte, of Forte Labs,  shares his thoughts on what is wrong with the way we approach productivity. We are obsessed with listicles that tell us the latest tips, tricks, and hacks to being more productive. Forte argues that this is no better than trying to lose weight or grow wealth with “tips and tricks”.

productivityLink - headerHere at ProductivityLink we are moving away from this by taking a holistic approach to improving productivity. We curate and develop content with deep insights into the field of productivity.

The nature of work is radically different today in middle of the knowledge economy. We have more freedom than ever in the way we work. We also have access to many tools that can boost or reduce our productivity. Forte advocates for a systems-based approach to productivity, using digital tools and a bottom-up approach. We agree.